Dear Cateran Trail Diary part 3


Well I attempted to go over Glenshee at the weekend, sorry folks but within 2 miles of leaving Enochdhu car park, I fell 4 times on the path that was a sheet of ice and rather than risk life and limb, I tottered back down the 2 mile path and ran to Kirkmichael instead so diary contains that little section that joins up from the last runs so that’s good. 

So imagine that the diary reads on from me arriving the last time at Kirkmichael. Signage from Kirkmichael says 9 miles to Glenshee, it’s actually less than 2.5 miles to Enochdhu and another 6 to Spittal of Glenshee. Kirkmichael will be a checkpoint and drop bag place and I’ll do the same again at Enochdhu for those that wish, it is a tough 6 miles the finish of the race so last chance to refuel before your climb up and then down to the finish. 

The Kirkmichael to Enochdhu is actually a lovely little section. Starts with a run past some houses then the river flowing to your right before (don’t go down the steps to the other path, stay on higher ground) then the area opens a bit with fields either side of you. Carry on along the path and after 0.7 of a mile, path forks, follow cateran sign pointing right, not far after this again path forks, stay right following sign. Straight ahead of you, you will see a lovely big white house with blue windows, don’t do a peeping tom into the windows, instead look at the cateran sign that points left taking you off the path, I’ve put a picture in the gallery so you know which house I mean. This takes you through a gate and into open foresty section that gets denser. It’s very very pretty in there and few pics in the gallery for you, I had some sections with no snow then some thick snow in parts, lovely. It’s got very gentle upulates and downulates so nice easy running, with tired legs keep lifting those feet, the tree roots are rather sticky uppy in places. 

Forest section only carries on for half a mile, you come to a gate and style, leap the stile (normal sized one) then you are in a field, there should be a faint path that takes you round to the right, you’ll then see the original cateran post just sticking up, pic in the gallery again. Just keep following the path, passing another lovely white house on your left then down the path. You’ll see the cateran big green posts ahead, run to that, cross the bridge with the stone sides then you’ll see the cateran sign pointing you left, passing some houses you’ll then find yourself in a big car park specifically for Glenshee climbers. 

So there you go, one other little section and apologies I didn’t get further up Glenshee.


Diary synopsis – Mud – none, but lots of snow and ice


How many times I fell – 4


Dead animals – none this time if you don’t count road kill but one large alive stag on Glenshee  and nearly ran over a red squirrel


Walkers passed – about 4 walking dogs


Chased by animals – no but the very loud barking of a dog had me rooted to the spot for a short while


Till the next time and remember “Look Aboot Ye”.