Dear Cateran Trail Diary - Last diary entry before race :-)

Hi folks

Those following the dear diary can now shuffle them into this order, number 4 then number 6, (i didn't have time to do Glenisla to Alyth for the race, too much snow over winter and i've been racing/training too), number 5, number 1, number 2 and number 3 then when i did go to dear diary the last 6 miles for you in February it was a sheet of ice as you will see from pics in the gallery.

Thought i'd do a last dear diary following some e-mail questions i've been asked and i'll give you some stats first.

46 starters on the list + 2 sweepers (yes Adrian is still on my starter list although he's team managering the 24 hour race but i'm loathe to take his name of as he has been a great source of advice).

34 guys + 2 boy sweepers

12 girlies + 1 dog (i mean a real proper dog, i'm not insulting anyone honest!)

11 males, 15 male vets, 8 male supervets, 3 females, 7 female vets and 2 female supervets and 1 dog (hang on till i add that up.....yup it's ok).

In total 11 helpers on the day as well who are all fabulous, ok maybe  1 or 2 are a bit oddball but beggars can't be choosers and if folk are willing to hang about in the cold and rain for hours on end just so you lot can run a race then i'll take them oddball or not :-)

What else? Oh yeah asked about maps. Now i'd advise just printing the ones on the race website. They are basic but they are correct. The OS ones and the backpakers ones and the one in the little Cateran book don't match up with the route i'm afraid. With the route being fairly new and landowners having bits changed then the ones on the website are the most accurate. In my opinion if you have your face stuck in a map you'll miss the route and miss a post and get lost!! It's easy to follow if you just use your eyes.

Toilets? Best public one would be Glenisla. It was open on last recce right beside the carpark we are using for checkpoint. You would have to go off the route at Alyth and Blairgowrie and Kirkmichael if you needed a proper loo stop. Plenty bushes about.

If you have support? Petrol stations at Blairgowrie and Kirkmichael and there is a fab wee coffee shop at Kirkmichael too. Alyth will be the larger village on route down the way if they need stuff and then Blairgowrie then the little coffee shop/petrol station in Kirkmichael.

Think that's all till i see you all either Friday evening or Saturday. If you're staying over the Friday night then the hotel are doing early breakfasts for us all so thank Dawn when you're there as she's up bright and early for us!! If you want registered on the Friday night so you get a bit of a longer sleep then that's fine by me. 

How am i doing? Erm ok i think. My to do list finally going down and i must stop adding bits on. I range from aaarrrggh, I NEED a run, i'm organised, i'm not organised, wee bit emotional at times, a tad grumpy and jumpy. I just want to do my best for you all and make it safe and enjoyable and ultimately hopefully make Dario proud wherever he may be.

Is it the weekend yet?????????????

See you all soon.

Karen D