Cateran 55 & 110 miles - Scottish Ultra Marathon Series (SUMS). 55 (medium series),the 110 (long series).         


For 2015, again we bring you the Double Cateran. Friday 15th May 2015, 110 miles, 15,000 feet of Climbing and Descent and our classic Cateran 55 mile race, 7450 feet, Saturday 16th May 2015. 
Registration at Gulabin lodge!
Double Cateran, registration from 2.30pm on 15th May, race starts at 4pm and 15 hours to complete the first lap and 15 hours for the second lap - time limit is 30 hours for the Double.
Cateran 55, registration from 6.30pm on Friday 15th May - 9pm and then again on race morning, 16th May. Time limit is 15 hours for the 55.
Cut offs for the 55, Blairgowrie for 2.30pm and Enochdhu for 8pm.
The Cateran Races are now members of the ITRA and have been evaluated. 2 points for the 55 Ultra and 4 points for the 110 ultra. 
Hi folks    

Welcome to the Cateran Trail 55 Mile Ultra website. Hopefully you'll find all the info you need on the race within the website over on the right hand side in the menu pages but if not please feel free to email us.

2009 was the first year the race was held on this route and organised by my friend Dario Melaragni. Dario is no longer with us but we'd like to keep the race going so here goes, bear with us, and hopefully the race will be as much fun for you as it was for us all involved in the last 5 years.  


Karen D & George :-)




For 2015 we have a new race headquarters, Gulabin Lodge -

Have a wee look at the website, it's a brilliant high quality bunkhouse! It's got a couple of lounges, kitchen & eating area.

Please note i'll be co-ordinating bookings for beds, space for campervans or tents therefore DO NOT contact the lodge to book a bed.

The bunkhouse only sleeps 39 people in various rooms and bedding is provided, cotton sheets and duvets. Please bring your own towel!

We've block booked the whole bunkhouse for the runners and the lodge house will be used by the marshalls.

The cost of 2 nights at the bunkhouse will be £55 per person for your 2 nights stay and we plan on supplying basic food throughout your stay. Don't be a diva and request weird stuff please! Hopefully weather permitting we can get some barbeques of the go :). 

Your entry form has a box to say how many beds you want to book. Hopefully a week or so after race entries open, i'll collate all the requests for a bed at the bunkhouse and i'll have to do a ballot after which time, i'll then give you a link to entry central to pay for your bed/beds. For those not able to get a bed at the bunkhouse, i'll draft a list of nearby accommodation at a later date.

There is also the option to reserve a space for tents or campervans - cost of this will be a total of £10 for the weekend to cover costs of portaloo hire and food as well.


Really looking forward to a new race headquarters, it'll be just like a massive family holiday weekend away :)

2009 results

2009 results

25/09/2009 14:13
  Name Alyth Blairgowrie Cally Kirk Enockdhu Spittal 1 George Cairns 03:48:00 04:38:00 05:49:00 ...